Hints and tips for your  garden displays.


Make sure that you keep your displays in containers, tubs, pots and hanging baskets well watered.


In hot weather give them a good drink of water every day.


Do not allow the containers to dry out. (Plastic pots tend to dry out more rapidly than Terracotta. )


Give the plants in the containers plant food regularly ( fortnightly on average),

or use slow release plant food granules.


Deadhead old flowers and leaves, and remove any unsightly growth.


Don’t be afraid to incorporate plants that give the “wow factor”


You might wish to colour theme your displays.


Use plants that provide colour, pattern, texture and height, and don’t forget to use plants that trail over the sides of the containers to soften the edges.


Keep an eye open for pests or diseases, and remove them.


Make sure that you use plenty of plants in the display - one or two plants look very lonely in a large container or pot.


Avoid leaving  visible areas of compost or soil.


Keep any seeds or cuttings for another year.



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