St George Park

In 1894 the Fire engine farm in St George was purchased with the purpose of laying out the park and the paths were laid.


A lake was built along with a bandstand, trees and additional features were also added. In 1897 the park became the responsibility of Bristol Council and by 1902 the splendid avenue of London Plane trees was installed.

St George park is now seen as a showcase park in the City of Bristol, and is popular with local residents and visitors .

Below a photo taken in the park in the early 20th Century.

When you are relaxing and sitting on a bench in the park and enjoying the lovely vistas, spare a thought for the local residents who have given up their free time as volunteers to repair and restore the benches that are located there.

The restoration of the lovely old benches  in St George park.

The Rev Andrew Yelland (Right) and Trevor Ball (Left) worked very hard to ensure that the benches were restored and repainted as part of a project called 'Bench Aid' a number of years ago.

Trevor is a member of the Friends of St George Park, and is also a committee member of St George in Bloom, as well as being a passionate gardener.

Thanks to Trevor for allowing St George in Bloom to use this photo.


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