Our local projects.


The volunteers from St George in Bloom have completed

and maintain the following projects:-


The two planted containers at the entrance to

St George Park. Thanks to the Friends of St George Park group for funding the plants for this project.

The Fountain Monument at St George.

Thanks to Orchard Coffee Co. for sponsoring this project .


St George's Glorious Green Spaces 2021.

Our projects .

Kensington Road.

The award winning garden in St George, Bristol..

Bee& Pollinator friendly planting.

St George Park.

How to contact us.



The bill boards site enhancement project in Church Road St George.


The creation of a Pollinator garden near the entrance to St George Park, Bristol .






The completed project at the park entrance .

A view of the site at  the park before we started the project.

We express our grateful thanks to the shops and commercial outlets in Church Road

St George, Bristol  for sponsoring this project.

The ‘Pollinator Hub’ garden has now matured, and is buzzing with Bees and Pollinating insects.

The photos above and below were taken in July 2021.