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How to apply for your display in

St George in Bloom 2017.

Categories for St George in Bloom 2017.

Large front garden , small front garden.


House frontage leading directly onto the pavement.


House frontage only – hanging basket, window box or containers.


Best Wildlife Friendly Garden,


Street with floral display. See news on the application form for the chance of a special grant in 2017 for this category.


Best business or commercial  premises including Best ‘Blooming’ Pub.  


Best forgotten Corner or community open space that was previously neglected.


Best Children’s Display or School entry.


Best Allotment Space (individual) Please state plot number.


Please note: All displays must be visible from the road to the public, and within the  Council wards of St George.

Entries should arrive no later than 5pm

on Monday 24th July 2017.


Any entries received after the deadline, will not be entered into the competition.  

All categories will be judged later in July. Judges will leave their calling cards after judging has taken place and the judge’s decision will be final.  

Details of how to apply for our 2017 competition, and an entry form can be downloaded below.

To download an entry form click below:-

File: Entry form 2017.doc

To download the details of how to apply click below:-

  File: Application support 2017.doc








St George in Bloom wishes to thank all our sponsors for their kind and generous support.

Our Sponsors are:

Park insurance

Vinyl Graphics

Ivy House Therapies

Red Flower Barrow