Some species of Bees and other pollinators are currently in serious decline, and St George in Bloom is committed to meet the needs of Bees and other pollinating insects by using plants that act as food sources for these insects, and incorporating them in the planting schemes.


Our 2019 project at St. George Park.

During 2019 Volunteers from St George in Bloom created a new ‘pollinator garden’ on the plot near the main entrance to St George Park. A number of local shops and commercial premises have very generously donated to the overall cost of this project.




   Our Bee & Pollinator friendly planting projects.


St George in Bloom's 2022 competition.

Our former projects .

Kensington Road.

The award winning garden in St George, Bristol..

Bee& Pollinator friendly planting.

St George Park.

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The garden entrance to St George Park in Bristol that was designed, planted and was previously  maintained by the volunteers of

St George in Bloom with the financial assistance from the local shops and commercial outlets.